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Artist Statement

I am a textile related storyteller. I love working with textiles in a slow process.


Contemporary textile arts is a wonderful, young field of the fine arts. Textiles have a huge cultural meaning and a lot of traditional pathways to work with. Finding a contemporary way of working with this medium and making contemporary fine arts is challenging and an exciting place to explore.

I am interested in the integration of different textile and other fine art techniques in one single work. How do different techniques and materials "talk" to each other, what is dominating and what can I do to let the piece tell its own story?


Working is a slow process for me, At the beginning I don't know exactly where the piece will end up, I love starting with the raw materials, spinning, dyeing, painting, printing fabric and wool to get the base for some themes.

I am interested in human interaction and the idea of change. Social themes and stories around metamorphosis over time are my favourite topics to work with.

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